Get adventurous tour services from "Africa Safari Discovery Ltd."
Posted On : December 20, 2016

Many people who have journeyed to Tanzania and took a safari through the famous Serengeti national park Tanzania seem to have a lot of compliment for the park, we "Africa Safari Discovery Ltd." going up the activities is among the many things we can organize for you. We are the leader in the industry to provide

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Take the adventure safaris and travel consultancy services
Posted On : January 11, 2017

If you like the adventure in your life and want to explore the wildlife and natural habitat, then there are so many places on which you can prefer to go. But, among all the best place is the South Africa and it is the perfect destination where you can fulfill the dream of the adventure trip. Here, you will find the different wildlife animals and get the experience of the nature. You will get a lot of fun and entertainment and the African Safari are the best and the right way and through this, you will get the full enjoyment.You will find so many wildlife parks a

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Travel to the Mgahinga national park Uganda by taking our service
Posted On : January 17, 2017

Traveling to places will bring the experience which you will never get from the book and yes of course not from only investing the money as it will definitely require the visit to the places. Looking for the Volcanoes national park Rwanda, you are at the right place. We, Africa Safari Discover, will provide the services of the sight seeing tours, beach holidays, mountain climbing, hotel bookings, airport transfers, car bookings, etc.

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Travel Diaries: Nairobi National Park
Posted On : January 18, 2017

I am a nature freak! the idea of going to a park and seeing animals and nature undisturbed is just heaven for me, literally! I am lucky that i am a Kenyan, and i live i Nairobi, and as if i couldn't get lucky enough, i have a national park a mere twenty minute drive from my house (and that's after factoring in traffic) :). Nairobi National Park is the only national park on earth that boarders a capital city. Accessible via both Lang'ata and Mombasa road, it is roughly three kilometers from the city center. If you are a Kenyan, the entry charges are Ksh 430, while non residents pay USD 43. Q

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Chasing Sunsets
Posted On : January 25, 2017

There is literally nothing as breathtaking and captivating as a sunset evoking the imagery of bright flames and smoldering embers on a bare Savannah. I am a sucker for a great sunset, and any chance i get to watch this surreal backdrop of light and colors always leaves me in awe. I decided to do a random collection of pictures of the most breathtaking sunsets i have ever experienced here in Kenya's savannas. This collection is from Maasai Mara ga

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