Welcome to our Privacy Policy page. Here you’ll find loads of useful info to help get you prepared before setting off your trip

African Safari Discovery operates on a policy to securing any Personal Information that you submit to us. We need you to comprehend our Privacy Policy and what it intends to you, our client. If it’s not too much trouble pause for a minute to audit this Privacy Policy.

By utilizing our site or the services offered by us, you are consenting to our utilization of such personal information as you give to us as portrayed therein.

Any inquiries you have about our Privacy Policy, or the data contained thus can be coordinated to our Privacy Officer at the provided contacts.

African Safari Discovery gathers individual data just to the degree important to convey the services, information or product, or a travel agent or other travellers booking on your behalf.

African Safari Discovery, either specifically or through our office and booking accomplices gathers, holds, utilizes and unveils, just as essential the accompanying individual data from clients and others over the span of offering services or providing service to you: Full name, Telephone number, Email, International ID , Age, Location and travel medical information, where required, nationality, residency, meal requirements, travel and settlement inclinations, trip destination information, remarks you give us mode of payment and so forth. One of the reason why we collect this information is to allow us to provide services as per your request.

We may likewise collect individual information, including contact information, in the event that you subscribe to our newsletter, or to ask for a brochure, which we will utilize to furnish you with the services you have asked for (or other significantly comparative services related to your request.)

African Safari Discovery gathers individual information from operators and agencies to the degree required to permit agents to book African Safari Discoverys’ holidays and trips, and to be appropriately credited for such booking, as essential and as directed by the relationship between the agent and African Safari Discovery. Such information may have the following name, Employer information, business number, and so on.

In the event that you are an agent traveling with African Safari Discovery, we may gather the individual information noted above for other travellers, and in addition other business or qualification information. This information might be gathered specifically from you, or from your employer (where approved).

Where the gathering of specific details of your personal information is not required keeping in mind the end goal to deliver the requested services or product, you may do without giving such points of interest. For instance, you may sign up for our Newsletter with your email address.

You may likewise be entitled, in specific circumstances where confirmation of your character is not required, to manage African Safari Discovery utilizing a nom de plume. It would be ideal if you request that African Safari Discovery exhort if the individual information being referred to is required to finish your request.

African Safari Discovery utilizes this individual information to give the services or product you have asked for, or to give you information about those services or African Safari Discovery.

This incorporates utilizing individual information to: register you to get newsletters, answer your request for additional information about our holidays and trips, make a booking or booking(s), furnish you with information about the Company and/or our services, and to get and actualize input on those services. Moreover, the individual information permits us to:

  • Understand your requirements as a client and determine eligibility for the services and product.
  • Inform you about our services and product, or those of our comrades that we believe it might be of any importance to you.
  • Provide progressing services and backing up, including determination of any issues with the product or services you ask for from African Safari Discovery.
  • To guarantee the wellbeing and security of our travellers and products.
  • Carry out inside bookkeeping and organization of our business.

African Safari Discovery may likewise utilize your personal information to book services and product for you or for your sake from our service providers, or other service providers whom we act as agents from time to time.

This accumulation of individual information can be both for our internal purposes, for instance, to handle your booking, and once in a while for the benefit of the parties for whom we act us agents, for their internal purposes in giving the product or services you have asked.

It would be ideal if you know that the way you agree provide to the collection and utilization of individual information by African Safari Discovery, applies similarly to the parties whose services and product we offer or book for your sake. For instance, by any chance you book a flight from us, you will be regarded to have assented to your own information being given to the carrier to empower your flight to be reserved.

In case in any chance that you don’t give the Personal Information that we ask for, we will most likely be unable to convey the services you have asked for, which may mean you won’t have the capacity to take an interest in our holidays and trips or subscribe to our newsletters, to give some examples.

In the event that you have paid a deposit and later decline to give important Personal Information to African Safari Discovery which African Safari Discovery (or our associates and suppliers) require to convey the services for which the deposit was paid you may not be qualified for a discount for that service. It would be ideal if you get in touch with us in case you have any queries regarding providing or not providing Personal Information when booking or generally operating African Safari Discovery.

Individual information is not gathered unless given to us. This implies you can visit our website, or contact us without providing any individual information to African Safari Discovery. How would we gather this information and get your approval? We gather information from clients during the booking process, or during the inquiries process where required, by means of our business channels, for example, our booking site, via email or phone, by means of on-line, using brochure or other equivalent forms, and/or through our travel office associates and different people who make bookings for your sake, or generally interface with us for your benefit, including amid the request procedure (regardless of whether the request continues to a booking).

This information is given by you or for your sake by somebody you have approved to make or ask around a booking. We get assent by:

  • Written consent through mail, email or website booking structure.
  • Verbal consent.
  • Third party assent (i.e. from your travel agent, or the traveller booking for your benefit to whom you have given your own data to such reason).

The security of your individual Information is imperative to us. All individual information is stored in secure databases at secure locations to avoid all unapproved access. Passwords, encryption gadgets and firewalls secure these databases.

Kindly note however that no information transmission over the Internet can be ensured to be 100% secure. While we find a way to guarantee the well being of your information, we can’t guarantee the security of data you transmit to us over the Internet.

Access to your own and private information is restricted to: approved representatives, of African Safari Discovery, and any of the suppliers who require your data to offer the travel or different services you have asked for.

We keep our representatives and our suppliers and different associates informed about our strategies and methodology and require strict consistence with this Policy so as to guarantee your data stays ensured. Unapproved access and/or exposure of customer information are entirely restricted.

In case that you have any complaints about African Safari Discovery’ use, collection, disclosure, or managing your individual Information, in the event that you trust that African Safari Discovery’ is infringing upon or have any inquiries concerning African Safari Discovery consistence with pertinent protection enactment in connection to your individual Information, please send a composed letter or an email to African Safari Discovery Privacy Officer at admin@afrikanaccentadventures.com . You may likewise contact Afrikan Accent with the subject “Security Complaint”.

African Safari Discovery takes all objections with respect to your security and individual Information genuinely. Upon receipt, the Privacy Officer will audit your grumbling inside 30 business days and will give a composed reaction to the arrival address demonstrated in the protest. In any chance that such reaction is not palatable to you, we welcome you to answer to the Privacy Officer, who will make each attempt to determine your worries.

In the occasion you furnish us with an Opt Out Notice you data will be isolated and not unveiled or utilized as a part of any way about which you have protested. In any case, the individual data we gathered might be held by us if fundamental for us to conform to any law or legitimate mandate.

Every now and then it might be vital for African Safari Discovery to change or make corrections to this Privacy Policy, which revisions may likewise apply to your own information gathered under a past rendition of this Policy.

African Safari Discovery claim all authority to change this Privacy Policy whenever and for any reason. In any chance that we roll out an improvement to the Policy, the overhauled form will be posted on our site.