Welcome to our travel terms page. Here you’ll find loads of useful info to help get you prepared before setting off your trip

Service or products offered or sold under African Safari Discovery will be effected once you or your travel agent affirms your booking. Then it becomes our responsibility to provide you with the services required by you and you are responsible for the payments. All cases are subject to these terms and conditions.

It is imperative that you counter check the written confirmation when you receive it. In case your booking is within 2 weeks to departure then all payments are required to be made inside 3 days. In the event that you wish to change or cancel your travel arrangement later, an amendment or cancelation fee and extra costs may be charged. This might be as much as the entire cost of your arrangements, depending on the number of days before departure date.

When you make a booking for a group, you affirm that you have the authority to consent and acknowledge the terms of these booking conditions and acknowledge obligation regarding making all deposits to us for all individuals from the group. We will send all records to you or your preferential Travel Agent and you will be in charge of guaranteeing that every other individual from your group are kept completely informed. No amendments will be made to these written booking conditions by individual group members.

Any alterations to your booking must be made in writing. On the off chance that you book through a travel agent all correspondence must be through that operator. All payment which you pay to the correspondent before we send affirmation of your booking will be held by the travel operator for our sake.

In the event that you book with African Safari Discovery directly, all correspondence will be sent to the specific address used to make the booking. In the event that the booking is made through a Travel Agent, all the communications by us will be to the Travel Agent.

All payments that you pay to the travel Agent will be held by them as an African Safari Discovery agent. African Safari Discovery has the right to decline or acknowledge a booking at its discretion.

A deposit of 20% of the booking operating in East Africa must be paid at the time of booking. In some instances, you will be required to pay a higher deposit to depending on the booking terms of an individual company.

The outstanding balance for your booking must be received 4 weeks by African Safari Discovery before the travel date. Your travel documents will not be issued until you or your Agent has cleared the balance with African Safari Discovery.

On account that bookings made less than 6 weeks before the travel date, full payment is required immediately. In any case the final payment is not made by travel date, African Safari Discovery has authority to cancel the booking and apply the charges.

When we have gotten your deposit installment, the cost of your holiday won’t be liable to any extra charges with the exception of those subsequent from any extra charges, levies by any legislature, airline taxes or monetary power.

In case our government and other authorities introduce new mandatory charges or increases in any service charges, these charges will not be covered by African Safari Discovery.

All known pre-payable charges are incorporated into the costs appearing in our quotes and on this website. However, some of the taxes can only be paid on the ground, it is the clients’ responsibility to have adequate local currencies to pay these charges. But we will brief you sufficiently prior to the travel date.

In the event that you wish to cancel your booking, you should inform African Safari Discovery in writing. The date of cancellation will be the date that we get this written notice. In case of cancelation by you, no protection premiums paid will be refunded and the following cancellation charges will apply:-

  • Cancellations submitted between 90 and 45 days before the travel date shall be charged at 15% of the total cost of the services.
  • Cancellations submitted between 44 and 25 days before the travel date shall be charged at 50% of the total cost of the services.
  • Cancellations submitted between 24 and 15 days preceding before the travel date shall be charged at 75% of the total cost of the services.
  • Cancellations submitted inside 14 days or after offering the services shall be charged at the full cost of services.

In the event that you wish to change your booking after our confirmation voucher has been issued, you should inform us in writing, and we will try our best to meet your request however it may not always be possible to do as such.

A policy charge of US$50 per change per booking will apply together with any other costs that may come up with the changes. Changes can’t be made under 14 days before travel date and would be dealt with as a cancellation. Kindly note in some instances air carriers require full payment of the air fares at the time of booking and charge 100% of the air fares in case of cancellation. You will be informed of such conditions at the time of booking.

Amendments or cancellations must be made in writing to African Safari Discovery and we will affirm our acknowledgment by issuing the suitable confirmation.

In case you amend your travel arrangements after you have commenced, it is your obligation to meet any extra costs that might be brought about and, we regret that no refunds are expected for any unused services.

African Safari Discovery won’t cancel your booking after the ‘Pay-by-Date’ is passed unless it is rendered absolutely necessary, or unless payment has not been received by us. Subject to the above, African Safari Discovery claims all authority to cancel your booking for or before the date when payment of the outstanding balance of your booking gets to be expected. In case of cancellation by African Safari Discovery, we will inform you or your Travel agent when sensibly conceivable. Where applicable, you will be offered an option to take up a service of the same standard if available, together with a full refund of any payments you have made, or a full refund of payment you have paid.

African Safari Discovery has all the right to cancel your booking without any notice WHEN a client’s conduct likely – in the company`s feeling, or other individuals in authority, to bring about distress, irritation, danger to other clients, any outsider or property. Under such circumstances, our commitment stops. Full cancellation charges will apply and African Safari Discovery will be under no obligation to refund, reimburse or compensate you for whatever other costs you may incur.

It is unlikely that African Safari Discovery will need to roll out any improvements to your booking, however in case of minor changes being made, we claim all authority to do as such. Should it be important for a material change to your booking (which we maintain all authority to do as such), African Safari Discovery will let you know or your travel agent as soon as reasonably possible. A material change is one that is made to your booking before departure that includes, for instance, a change of Airport or change of flight time by over twelve hours or change to a lower standard of Accommodation. In case of a material change, you will be offered the chance to decide on:-

  • Accepting the change and the agreement being shifted in like manner.
  • Purchasing an option with African Safari Discovery with a credit being given at the cost of the original services offered.
  • A refund of any payment you have paid.
  • Any amendments or alternations to the flights or airline notified to you won

Although African Safari Discovery has no immediate control over the services given to you by independent suppliers, it accepts obligation regarding the nature of your holiday components.

Should you or any individual from your group endure sickness, individual harm or passing, through any misfortune out of an action, which is not part of our our travel arrangements, nor part of a trip sold through us, we might, at our circumspection, offer advice and help.

The information on this site and on our brochure may change or have changed in time you book your holiday. We do endeavor to guarantee precision at the season of printing yet deplorably blunders do happen.

It would be ideal if you guarantee that you check all subtle elements of your holiday including the prices provided are right at the season of booking and on receipt of your affirmation receipt.

Whilst African Safari Discovery makes sure it uses services of legitimate suppliers, it is critical to remember that oversea standard benchmarks and controls are the obligation of the administering powers of every nation.

You are hence asked to take additional consideration when wandering into new buildings and environments. We would deferentially ask you to take a couple of minutes to acquaint yourselves with the emergency exit courses and avoid potential risk concerning local foods and refreshments, specifically, ice in beverages.

On the off chance that you are doing a safari please follow the instructions and advice given by your guide all the time.