Out Of Town Adventures (Naivasha and Nakuru)

September 6, 2016

On my friend’s birthday, we decided to go out of town on a mini road-trip adventure. We decided to go to Naivasha and Nakuru. Naivasha has become popular as an out of town party destination for revelers. It is also about an hours drive from Nairobi, hence quite accessible.

We left Nairobi on Saturday morning, and our first destination was Hell’s Gate National Park in Naivasha, where we wanted to hike. We were there by 10 o’clock am. The park entry fee is Ksh 300 for citizens and got our guide and started our hike. My pals and i are all 90’s kids, we grew up watching to Lion King, so we obviously had to go to pride rock. 🙂

After our hike, we drove to Enashipai resort and spa, which is roughly 45 mins away from Hell’s Gate, where we had decided to spend the night. We checked in, had a late lunch and went bird watching. Lake Naivasha is popular for its wide range of birds, and pink eared hippos.

Our reason for choosing Enashipai is the range of services it has to offer, and the fact that it has a club within in, i mean, we were there to celebrate my friend’s birthday after all. 🙂

Am a sucker for a good sunset, so i obviously had to take a few pics of the sunset across lake naivasha. 🙂

The next morning we were up by 6 o’clock am. We were driving to Lake Nakuru National park. The park entry fee is Ksh 860 for citizens. We intended on being there by 7 am, for our game drive. The park is really beautiful. It has an ecosystem comprising of the lake surrounded by wooded and bushy grasslands. The park is most popular for it flamingos (both greater and lesser) and other water birds like pelicans and herons.

It also has a wide range of mammals. Including black and white rhino, the rare Rothschild giraffe,  impalas, leopards, lions and hyenas.

After our game drive, we headed to the Delamare farm for brunch and a bit of sightseeing.

views from the delamare farm

We drove back to Nairobi at around 3 after a weekend well spent. 🙂

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