Picnics by the lake

September 6, 2016
Safari Discovery

Lake Elementaita is set in the RiftValley, found between Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru.

The area is much less visited than most natural attractions in the Rift valley region, hence is ideal if you enjoy a sense of privacy and solitude.

So, on the 26th of December, we did a small family outing. we packed some food and drove to Elementaita. The plan was to hike, picnic, play some games, then drive back home in the evening.

We were coming from a country home in the Aberdares, so it was an hours drive to our destination.

we got to elementaita, we hiked some nearby hills, then drove to the lakeside. There is usually a KWS guard onsite, and you have to pay a small fee to access the lake.  We then set up our picnic, and enjoyed a well deserved lunch while watching pelicans and herons swim. We had also carried some balls, and enjoyed a game or two. Its a really ideal place to have some family fun. A different group had carried some bikes and were cycling the lake shore.

It was the perfect place to spend boxing day. 🙂

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